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NHK in Japanese has the best live coverage (the other JP news channels have been unstable today):
High speed 1
High speed 2
Low speed link

In English, NHK International is useless and US news channels are a FUCKING JOKE, especially CNN (presenters reading Twitter updates apparently based on what people are seeing on other channels). Try the streaming Al Jazeera page.


I’ve gotten in touch with some relatives, but the Yoshida clan is spread far and wide, and there are 6.0 (on the Japanese scale the max is 7) aftershocks happening as I type this.



UPDATE: Google Crisis Response page

8 thoughts on “Japan Updates

  1. I hope everyone’s OK and out of harm’s way. Thanks for the links and the commentary on coverage quality. I’ll view the Japanese coverage for its images, and might be able to pick out some of the kanji in the captions. Otherwise, I’m stuck with English-language (or French, or Korean) coverage.

  2. Jus, I spoke to G’ma last night. She and Auntie Kitty are very worried because their ( elderly) relatives live in the Sendai region. You got to meet their beloved cousin, Sat-chan, and her husband, in Camarillo….nice people. In any case, we’re looking for Sachiko and Yoichi Enomoto who are in their 90’s, (Yagiyama, Sendai) and also Kazuko Yamanouchi (in her 80’s) who also lives in the same area. This is higher up than the seaside town where the tsunami hit with such devastation, but your grandmother and her sister have not been able to find out anything. If you and David Brown can help, that would be very helpful!

  3. Holy crap! Aftershocks that big? That’s freaking intense.

    Thanks for the links as well. I’m trying to find out about what’s going on and stumbled upon this page.

  4. Have you heard anything about our Hokkaido relatives? I’m guessing that Takatoshi and Yoko are able to get a lot of information about what’s happening with various relatives and friends over there….

  5. Nope, nothing about Hokkaido yet.

    I’ll embed the Google person finder above; this is the best way to find somebody affected right now.

  6. Wow it actually has results for Yoichi Enomoto, but his status is unknown. No such luck for his wife. If you have their names in Japanese or contact information, we might be able to help more.

    1. She absolutely has no clue how to post in Japanese and sounds pretty low. Can you help do this for her? I sent you a photo of Sachiko and Yoichi Enomoto that was taken during the last time I saw you in Japan….and I forget how many years ago that was. They’re in their 90’s now and were still hail and hardy when my mom talked to them recently.
      Okay, thanks so much.

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