Looking for Yoichi Enomoto, Sachiko Enomoto

We are looking for my grandmother’s cousins, Yoichi Enomoto and Sachiko Enomoto. They live here, about seven kilometers from the coast of Sendai, one of the hardest hit areas. Their eldest son, Yoshi, lives in Tokyo. We do not know where any of them are.

This is a photo of Yoichi and Sachiko, they are both in their nineties:

The only webcam feed in their area still up as of yesterday is down today: Izumi-ku Sendai webcam
That’s about a mile from their neighborhood.

Their Romanized address is:
Miyagi-ken Sendai-shi Taihaku-ku Yagiyama Yayoi-cho
Postal code: 982-0833

5 thoughts on “Looking for Yoichi Enomoto, Sachiko Enomoto

  1. I’m not sure if any of this will help, but I’ll give it a shot–

    Are you on reddit? Someone posted a thread that they’re in Sendai and to AMAA (Ask Me Almost Anything). Might be worth a shot:


    Also a thread for someone else looking for a friend in Sendai. Users are posting resources to help, including lists of shelters:


    And another user going to Sendai:

    Or you could always start your own thread in the /japan/ subforum.

    Good luck. I hope they’re safe.

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