No Holiday in Cambodia

We had been planning to go to Cambodia with Nam’s faculty for a couple days from the day after tomorrow. Max’s chickenpox had cleared up almost completely this week and he was going to go with mommy and daddy. Mina was to stay at home with relatives and the nanny, and we had done a test run with these arrangements. We assumed she would come down with chickenpox weeks ago, but it never happened (truth be told, we wanted it out of the way quickly and knew she was strong enough to get through it – Max and Mina played together all day every day,I even had them drinking from the same cup). Everything was going fine.

Then it all came unraveled.

Our nanny suddenly stopped coming last Sunday because of a serious personal issue. Even that was OK, because Nam’s little brother’s girlfriend, who works with kids, was going to watch Mina at our in-laws house.

Then two nights ago, Mina came down with a fever. Yesterday red bumps started appearing here and there. Today they have turned to pustules and she is itchy cranky baby.


No holiday in Cambodia (which we already paid for).

What did we need a holiday from? Chickenpox. What prevented us from going? Chickenpox.



– Here’s to another couple weeks before we can bear to look at Mina’s face again without feeling terrible.

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