Jammin’ solo

Max was so jazzed about playing his toy guitar, we broke down and ordered a real one off the internet. It’s called a Plum Blossom, if I remember correctly. I arranged for one of my second year students to come give him lessons once a week, but it’s just too soon. He won’t play when we want him to, and often just ignores people he doesn’t know.

Ah well, at least I got some photos, and the guitar is being kept safe for if he shows an interest again.


I’m posting a bunch of phonecam photos in the coming days, so please forgive the craptastic quality.

1 thought on “Jammin’ solo

  1. Yes, at his age, it’s all about playing. If it isn’t fun, he will not do it, kind of like Killer’s attitude when he’s bored with playing fetch….

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