Apple iPad 2 Camera Review

In a thousand words:

The small size of this thumbnail hides the poor quality of the image at its true resolution. You can click the image above to see that, too, but just in case you’re too lazy:

Cropped image at 1:1

I was actually going to post a comparison photo from my HTC Desire HD, but I didn’t realize that the whole world already knows about this issue. The sad thing is, this is the higher spec camera of the two on the iPad2. And the best response I saw from a fanboy on an Apple forum said something about this device not being made for taking photos. It has two cameras that takes stills, yo — it is made for taking photos.

On the other hand, the camera on the iPhone seems very good — I’ll see a friend who has one tomorrow, so maybe I’ll test it out against my Desire HD.

3 thoughts on “Apple iPad 2 Camera Review

  1. You got one before I did?
    Thanks for the camera review and yes, I already knew about the iPad’s poor photo quality but as with most people at my Apple workshops have said, wouldn’t use the iPad as a camera. For iPad people I’ve sat down to work with, the camera feature is more a tekkie toy and movie viewer. Mostly, I’d get one for its portability and for Skyping with clients and just because it FEELS good and it’s fun to “finger gesture”, swooshing back and forth and watching apps open and close and wondering, “How the heck does that work??? Whose brain was clever enough to create that?” I love the iPad and my birthday is coming up, hint, hint! šŸ™‚

  2. No, I don’t have one. A couple of coworkers do, though. They’re cheaper here than in Europe so a lot of tourists buy them here.

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