Please meet the newest members of the English Program at RMU:

This was the largest mouse I’ve ever seen. I can’t help but wonder if the trap’s door slamming shut simply startled the babies out of her.

6 thoughts on “Trapped

  1. That’s the first thing I said to my coworkers. They weren’t sure if I was joking or not, which is a great place to have people at.

  2. Awwwwww. Poor little naked babies and scared mama mouse.
    Now that that’s over, go ahead and enjoy yourself. What’s the difference between skewering gekkos or froglets and toasting them for dinner and baby mice? A lot, I guess. Mammals, even pesky mice, must be harder to treat that way.
    When I was in China, I heard that they still have those old “delicacies” that Yoshida oji-chan spoke about…..newborn mice nursed on droplets of honey and water to clean them out and sweeten them up for “live food” tasters’ enjoyment. He said they tasted like wiggling grapes and he did not like it, but because he was an honored guest, he was required to smile, gulp sake and partake of the squeeking little pinkies.

  3. Just say no! They are way too cute to eat!

    I have a cute pet gopher who lives in my bird feeder garden, named King George. He let mom pet him this afternoon, when he came up for a snack. Max would love to hand-feed him!

  4. I’ll take some video of mom hand-feeding and petting King George, later today. He always visits in the mornings and afternoons.

    Max is going to want a pet gopher if he sees the video. KG is freaking adorable!

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