Rammstein vs Cookie Monster

Mina just watched this with me and she agrees – it’s hilarious!

4 thoughts on “Rammstein vs Cookie Monster

  1. Hilarious! Thank you! Glad that you’ve made some time to post something this funny. Congratulations on your new daughter!

  2. I’ll have to play some Rammstein for m’penguins this morning. I think Tank might love some ‘stein to rock out to while I’m cleaning! Tell Mina to imagine penguins dancing/calling to the song — she’ll like it even better.

  3. Something strange is happening to your dad.
    This morning began with a weird coincidence….. your father turned on Sesame Street as he sat down for breakfast (the rule is “no bad news at the beginning or end of the day:) and the house was suddenly full of Oscar and the gang singing about the letter “I”.
    It made me sigh and turn to my computer where, at the same time, your video of Oscar saying “Nein, Nein, Nein” was on!
    Like father, like son?

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