Work Man Ship?

This is a solar-lighted walking path at my university. I’m very happy they renewed them, since the old ones were not lighted and were a constant tetanus hazard, but, this type of shoddiness really bothers me. I’m pretty sure they will wither leave it as is or attempt a cosmetic fix, but I will check again soon to see if they’ve done anything.

The reason this bothers me is that I’ve seen the result of an improperly support column coming loose from its anchors. It killed some unlucky guy buying groceries and injured several others at a covered market right near our house, during a fierce windstorm. The support columns were pulled completely out by the wind, and the roof they supported acted as a sail and carried the entire steel and plexiglass structure into the adjacent highway. The structure was actually shaped just like this – just a long roof supported on one side, but on a much larger scale.

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