Minor Mina Update

Nam is dealing with breast pain and I’m taking care of the baby most of the time. It’s cool that she’s small enough to be carried around so I can basically do whatever I feel like doing. Sometimes I put her down, but I have this anxious worry that the blanket has fallen over her face, or that she’s rolled into a pillow, so I end up checking her every five minutes. If she’s sleeping too soundly, I end up poking her to make sure she still moves. She’s sleeping much more today than the past couple days, though.
I’ll get around to posting more photos sometime, but the truth of the matter is I think newborns look like old people, or sea turtles, for the most part… Mina looks much better than she did a few days ago, though. The ruddy complexion went away, and for the most part she looks a lot cuter and less sea-turtley.

5 thoughts on “Minor Mina Update

  1. Sorry to hear that mommy is having breast pain again. It’s hard when you’re trying to take care of baby and your body is adjusting to a new hormonal message.
    If it’s the milk duct impactions again try hot compresses, massages and EFT for pain/anxiety/relaxing so that the body’s cellular memory blocks from the last go-around with baby Max goes away. And remember, pain meds are great, too.
    Thanks for being a terrific hands-on daddy! It’s normal to be checking on baby since she’s so new to your life. Better to be safe than sorry, so keep on doing what works best for you!
    You crack me up by being so honest about the plain and sea-turtley look for newborns. When well-meaing people drip overly sincere compliments, I tend to narrow my eyes and hold my remarks because even our silly puppies were not cute at birth….they looked like fat eyeless sausages!

  2. Ahhh the dumpling stage…Enjoy it while you can! I hope Nam feels better. I’m surprised she’s cool with you broadcasting the fact that she’s having breast pain..ahahah j/k

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