We just did the initial culling of all the photos taken since last week. Tomorrow, I need to design a New Years card and get it out to the printers.

3 thoughts on “OH NO!

  1. Aww… baby fingers are so cute! She looks content, you must be doing something right!
    Does Max like his new sister? Is he interested in her?

  2. What a relief you posted another picture of baby Mina! It was good to talk to you last night and hear that Max likes to hold Mina and LOVES to lay down right next to her and gaze into her eyes.
    I laughed when you said that whenever someone comes towards them while he’s with her, he waves them off like “Go AWAY and leave us alone!”
    What can we send for New Years? She’s such a big, healthy, full-term baby that she looks completely different than her early-bird brother did, and I’m pre-supposing that you do not need any more onesies!

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