Sixth disease aka exanthem subitum aka roseola infantum

Max has roseola. Yesterday the fever left and the pediatrician said the rash would peak, and it seems that the concentrated red spots all over baby’s face, chest, and back have turned somewhat blotchy and less well-defined today. The important thing is that Max is getting stronger again. We played around some yesterday and even though he didn’t smile so much, it was a relief to see him demanding mental stimulation again. Until two days ago was just horrible – he was hugging mommy all day and got weepy about anything.
Last night, he actually let me hold him and put him to sleep with two conditions:

  1. I didn’t stop walking
  2. I didn’t even think about stopping walking

So I held him and walked around the living room from 9pm to 3 am. This is only fair, since mommy has been taking care of him every night like this, although I kinda went into this Gumpish trance and couldn’t stop walking or even change the arm I was holding him with – my left arm feels like it did a thousand pull-ups or something. I gave him milk from a bottle when he woke up every couple hours and Nam finally got some uninterrupted sleep. In fact, I believe her exact words right before she fell unconscious were, “haha now you know what it feels like,” followed by, “don’t wake me up.”

Max is sick

It started with a runny nose a week ago, then a fever four days ago. Then coughing two days ago and a rash on his face this morning. The pediatrician thinks it’s a bacterial infection in his intestines and perhaps an allergy as well. Max is now on an antibiotic course and taking a lot of fluids – mama’s milk, lactose-free formula (mostly sugar it seems), electrolyte beverage and water.
I’m not too worried because he’s a strong boy and getting sick is part of growing up, but it’s hard on Nam because he’s even more weepy and sensitive than he was a few days ago. She’s not getting much sleep at all, and is basically carrying him all day and all night except when he allows the nanny or me to spell her for a little while. We have to go see the pediatrician again tomorrow. Here’s to hoping it all ends well soon (especially the rash on his face, it pains us to look at it and we couldn’t bear to take a photo for reference, either)
I happened to be going through New Years photos as I wrote this so here’s a photo of Max and his great grandma:

Fartin shoes

Sorry for the crappy focus. I was trying to take a photo without the vendor noticing… This was taken at a temporary vendor inside the new Big C in Sarakham. They were actually quite nice leather children’s shoes. I really want to know the story behind the brand, though.

Big C Mahasarakham

In November 2008, Thai superstore Big C opened a branch store in Maha Sarakham, just a few minutes down the street from us. Life hasn’t been the same since, mostly in good ways since we pay less for more and no longer have to venture downtown to the small Tesco with shitty parking inside the SermThai department store. Also, there were certain things – such as sporting goods and bicycles – that were only sold at ridiculous markups at small stores until now, so watching said shops close up forever is satisfying on some very small, very human level. On the flip side, traffic on the main street in front of our house has increased greatly – sometimes making a U-turn in front of Big C is like sitting inside a supercollider and watching electrons whizz by.

Pu Yai Ban – Village Headman


Do you see what I see?

Close up:
Now there’s nothing remarkable about village headmen here. Every village has one, and there are presumably thousands of villages in this region alone. What’s remarkable is that (presumably) a village headman has taken it upon himself to advertise his position on his pickup.
I wondered about what kind of egotistical twat would have the nerve to do something so tasteless, so pointless, and so retarded… So I waited for him to return to his car for over twenty minutes. Sure enough: One self-important asshole in a pickup, not bothering to look before he pulled into traffic and almost crushing a passing biker, to go!

Slogging through my cellphone photos

From September 2003 to May 2006, I ran a moblog as well as a moblog sidebar as a PHP include on this blog. I really liked it and think I was one of the most prolific adopters of moblogging at the time.This golden era ended when the gateway I used to e-mail blog entries from my phone suddenly died. I had put so much work into tweaking the sidebar publishing system and maintaining it over the years that I really couldn’t bear the idea of doing it half-assed with a flickr widget or starting over from scratch again, so I just omitted it from the design completely. Sad.
Anyhow, all of that doesn’t really matter anymore because I’ve ended up in a GSM country where the phones are just beginning to evolve to where Japanese keitais were about eight years ago. E-mail? Internet? PC Modem? These functions are all available for a hefty sum of money, but are really quite pathetic from a Japanese user’s perspective so I don’t even bother. Here, mobiles are for voice com and texting and capturing photos/video for mainly offline use, and that’s it.
So. I’ve downloaded photos from the crappy camera on my crappy phone via USB cable, Bluetooth, IR, and primitive GSM voodoo, and it’s time to get it online in the spirit of my long lost moblog. The next several entries are all from my camera’s phone, and represent the best out of a hundred or so I took last year.


Max is currently going through a very clingy stage with mommy. The past few nights, he would only sleep if she was holding him – and get this – walking steadily. The second she tried to set him on his bed or even just sit down while still holding him, he would start sobbing uncontrollably (BTW, it’s amazing how babies can tell if you’re actually walking or just sitting and rocking back and forth to emulate walking). This went on all night, every night, and I’m impressed that Nam still goes to work and functions normally and all that.
Yesterday I stayed home with the baby all afternoon and watched him while his nanny cleaned the house. He was demanding, as ever, but not nearly as weepy as he is with mommy. Oh well. He has full rows of front teeth emerging top and bottom, so maybe it’s just driving him a little bit crazy… I often tell him not to be such a baby, but he just ignores me. Oh well, I guess this is all part of parenthood.
I plan to post some pictures from last week if I get the chance later.