Roseola Update

Max is recovering slowly but surely and the red spots all over his face and body are steadily disappearing. It’s still so hard to watch him suffer from the bouts of itchiness and teething that hit once in a while, but things are better than they were before. At least he can sleep for several hours at a time now. He still has a runny nose but we took him off all of the meds the pediatrician put him on because the congestion is just a nuisance and not really affecting his breathing at night anymore.
So it seems he is out of the woods. Hell, with roseola perhaps he was never really in the woods, but I tell you, there’s no feeling like when your child is suffering… It’s like every parent ever tells you, except worse because when you feel it there’s absolutely no sense of elation in thinking to yourself, “Oh, it really does feel horrible.”
OK, I need to stop thinking about the negative stuff now and end with a Maxie chaser (from New Years since I haven’t really taken photos since then):

3 thoughts on “Roseola Update

  1. One of the things that helped with the rash and itchiness is to use black teabags (make tea first, squeeze out liquid) and apply to the rashy areas.
    It stops the immediate itching and helps dry up the serum in the rash.
    The tannic acid teabag compress worked well for all four of you.
    Glad you survived your first bout of childhood illness with Max. Wish there was an easier way for him to gain his immunity and not have to suffer, but it seems to be part of the journey for us all.

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