2nd Anniversary Dinner (at home)

From 12 o’ clock, clockwise:

  • Samoo – A special delicacy of ground pork and a whole bunch of special herbs, from the Ubon area. Nam’s mom made a pot of it for us a few days ago, and she’s the only person we know who can make it.
  • Sukiyaki-sliced beef we found at the local Tesco. I fried it in butter/sesame oil with garlic and sprinkled with coarse ground salt, pepper, and kaffir lime.
  • Deep fried tabtim (hybrid tilapia, pink/orange in color). They fry these (and any other fish) up for you at Tesco.
  • Tom Ka Gai, spicy/sour chicken soup with coconut milk
  • Thai version of a mixed salad with local tubers, pumpkin, and fresh tomatoes

(Thanks to everyone who wrote congratulations – we miss you all!)

5 thoughts on “2nd Anniversary Dinner (at home)

  1. I would have gotten In and Out Burgers, chocolate shakes, french fries (animal style with extra sauce)for your anniversary (like I do for mine!) but I suppose your Happy Meal, Thai-style, will have to do.
    Awesome! I am Happy for you both…er, all 3 of you.

  2. Tom kha gai has become one of my favorite things in the world, along with panang curry, from my favorite Thai place (conveniently located just 2 minutes from my apartment). Does Nam know how to make it?

  3. > Does Nam know how to make it?
    She made the one in the picture. Yum.
    Panang is super easy, too. Nobody makes the paste used as base by themselves.

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