Nam and I went out for steaks; it was the first t-bone I’ve had since god knows when. I drank a few or more beers and ended up back at home taking a shower in the rain. Nam even brought me a bar of soap, because it was pissing down. Taking a shower in the rain… I cannot recommend this highly enough.
Happy Hiroshima day!

fruit sacrilege

Thai farmers dumped a ton of mangosteens on the street in front of city hall to protest the low selling price. I’m pretty sure all the government workers rushed out to scoop up their share.
3 baht per kilo does sound pretty low, though. They retail for 18-20 baht/kilo up here in the northeast; the best quality ones at their peak went as high as 25 baht/kilo a couple months ago.
I do have to say that if you’ve never had a fresh mangosteen, you are missing out on one of life’s real pleasures.

millimeters matter – chaque millimetre compte

For those who are curious, like me (but also lazy, like me): chaquemillimetrecompte.com
As it turns out, the above viral video must have been an early cut. After some searching around, I found what looks close to a final cut:

I think I prefer the earlier version because it wasn’t clearly an ad, and the score was much better. The Blue Danube has been used for far too many commercials already.

Something… for nothing!

The first person WHO HAS A PAYPAL ACCOUNT and types a comment in this post can have the remaining balance of my current account.
That’s right, you will be a whopping four dollars and six cents (minus transfer fees) richer, unless there is a minimum transfer amount or some such shit I’m neither aware of nor inclined to look up at this particular moment.
…so don’t ever say I never gave you anything!
The reason I’m doing this, according to PayPal’s help page:

Q: I’m moving to another country. How do I change my street address?
A: When moving from country to country, you will need to close your existing account and open a new account in the country where you will be residing.
For example, if you move from the U.S. to Canada, you will need to close your U.S. account and open a Canadian account. If you move from Canada to the U.S., you will need to close your Canadian account and open a U.S. account.

So fuckin’ lame… The terrorists have already won (as if this wasn’t proof enough).