Korean Hostage Crisis as Seen by Overseas Korean Volunteers

Yesterday, I asked a group of four young Koreans who have come to teach our students computer skills the following questions:

  1. Were the Koreans who were taken hostage missionaries, or what? Is it important to make the distinction between missionaries and volunteer workers?
  2. Are average people in Korea blaming the US for what happened?
  3. Are you hopeful about a diplomatic solution?

Their answers were:

  1. Yes, and YES(!).
  2. No.
  3. ….

So there you go. The news says that progress is being made and the Taliban is promising release today or tomorrow. That would be nice. The Taliban ain’t exactly nice guys, though. I hope everything works out, but let me say this: If you aren’t prepared to sacrifice for your beliefs, why hold to them at all?

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