cute fish (and not-so-cute fish)

Go see for yourself:
(To my knowledge, I’ve only eaten one of the fish on that list. Hint: It wasn’t the coelacanth)
In related news, the last of my impossible fish died a few weeks ago, I think. The red one was the first to go, and blue was the last. The whole tank got hit with some horrible gill disease that killed all inhabitants – impossible fish, algae eaters, tetras, and Japanese goldfish. The blue fish hung on a whole month or so longer than the second longest survivor (purple, I think), but in the end he just wasted away. Eventually, we put him outside in a ceramic fountain we have in the garden (aka “the hospital tank”) and (presumably – I haven’t seen him since, but there are places to hide in that fountain) let him go off to the big fishbowl in the sky.
RIP, blue.

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