New Uniform – Winter Version

As promised…
The thing is, Kitty looks pretty good in it! Dammit Kitty, why are you always trying to contradict me!
The only other red-collared jacket I’ve seen recently was in a UK movie called The Business – a story based in the early 1980’s.

My new pride and joy

This is my new fugu knife… which may sound confusing because I have zero intention of ever preparing puffers at home and never had an “old” one, but as you can see, is an apt description nonetheless. I did not need to sharpen it before use because it was more than razor sharp out of the box – very impressive!. The curved blade has a long sweet spot and makes both chopping vegetables and deboning fowl very easy.

The balance is just about right for chopping, but I may upgrade the handle with moulded Pachmayr grips and uranium counterweights for proper dicing action. Also, after I add a golden chrysanthemum seal and a long tang that supports my finger-forward fighting style, this should prove to be an excellent weapon of mass destruction.

Yes, this is my idea of a political blog post.


Hi, Huck!

Huck is coming to Japan next week. I’m going to make everyone practice their greetings in English in big, loud voices so Huck will be happy to meet them!
I am such a good host. I feel like the future of East-West relations lies in my hands… CRUNCH! Ooops! I killeded it mama, I killeded it! Waaaa!


I have been working until 10 every night for some weeks now, but I am not too tired too remember what snapped my mind from a very similar situation two years ago.
My feelings regarding that day and the attack on my country are very important to me. They lie at my very core…