DMZ Flashback

My bro has been posting photos of our trip home so I shall retaliate with some from our day trip to the DMZ in January. I’m not as spiteful as he is, so I won’t include the pics of him getting raped with axe handles by starving NK border guards.

Adam is pissed because I’m taking an illegal pic in the 3rd invasion tunnel that the Norks dug into the rock decades ago – presumably so they could surreptitiously slip into downtown Seoul and go shoe shopping.
The glass floor in the museum outside of the tunnel is labeled so that you are completely sure it is OK to stroll over and see the exhibits.
Riceploitation at the gift shop. Farmers living near the border apparently don’t have to pay taxes. I wonder if this rice is expensive or not. I forgot to check prices in the supermarkets.
At Dorasan station, which may eventually serve as the midway stop between Seoul and Tong-il (in North Korea), they stamped my passport with some tasty propaganda. I like the doves flying over the barbed wire.
As I saw this sticker on a trash can as well as a bathroom wall, I couldn’t figure out if they wanted me to recycle plastics or drink my own pee. To be on the safe side, I did both.

2 thoughts on “DMZ Flashback

  1. You got a terrible sense of humor. I laughed. I think for punishment you should be thrown into a North Korean rehabilitation camp filled with the North Korean female judo team.

  2. > You got a terrible sense of humor.
    I could say the same after seeing your Jenna Bush page. So could you arrange for the secret service to throw us into the Nork camp together?

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