You are a sick teddy. You are a very sick teddy.
In fact you are such a sick sick teddy that I’m also becoming sick.
Oh lord, please turn me into a sick sick teddy…

I found this gem in my inbox today. It kind of made my day.
This is my Hangame avatar. Hangame is the site where we play hanafuda
(Go Stop); I described it in this post a few weeks back. Basically, I picked the most insane combination of clothes, accessories, and facial features I could in order to distract opponents when my avatar appears on screen. Not surprisingly, most players I go up against leave the playing table fairly quickly. I used to have a machine gun slung from my avatar’s shoulders, but it was so otaku that nobody would play with me. I had to tone it down.

3 thoughts on “Avatar

  1. I was in Japan on Saturday for my visa run (ahem); Osaka/Kansai Int’l Airport, to be exact. If I’d been in the Fukuoka area & had planned to stay longer, I would’ve looked the clan up.
    Apologies (& maybe next time),

  2. hey! you were within a stone’s throw from where i was at then; osaka is my area. adam might move this way later this year too as he is running out of topiary to take pictures of in kyushu. cya next time then!

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