New Uniform Photo

There are times when you just have to throw caution to the wind (and hope it doesn’t fly right back in your face). I’ve decided to give in and let you see the design abortion/uniform we will be wearing to work today…


11 thoughts on “New Uniform Photo

  1. I second that emotion!
    What the hell is WRONG with your company? I thought they were smart for hiring you, but everything since then proves otherwise. Come up to Tokyo!

  2. I looked and then blocked it from my memory. I don’t want the image I had of you wearing that swimming around in my head.

  3. Geeez. Hello Kitty looks like he’s in shock. I admit that the red piping is very over-the-top in terrible taste, but hey, you can spot an FOB a mile away exactly because of this defective HorrorJuku Girl gene.
    I love you anyways, my manly son!

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