Itsy Bitsy

The first time I tried to catch him, he jumped out of the tupperware and onto my hand. Talk about goosebumps… I nearly shit my pants. Nam yelled at me not to kill it – kill it? HOW? Besides, woman, you’re standing on a chair after I flicked it on the floor!
After I finally captured the Mighty Awaji Bird Eating Spider, we took a walk down the street and released him in the bushes next to Jusco.
If you look closer (open a larger photo by clicking on it), you can see he’s missing a leg. He might be the same one Adam photographed on the front porch last month.
I’ve uploaded more pictures of this beast here.

Random Osaka Photos

Some snapshots from this past weekend, taken with my keitai:
Kinda funny about the cage thing, because the Japanese simply states, “no pets allowed.” Found @ Bic Camera in Namba.
BUBBLE MAN! New competition for the grape Fanta market, with a retro cartoon design that just screams, “designed by someone’s 14-year old nephew in MS Paint.” Seen here in a vending machine near Sankaku Koen.
Now we get to the creepy stuff. CUT FACE!?! If you are stupid enough to go to this barber shop, don’t some crying to us – remember, they still shave you with straight razors in Japan. Taken at a crosswalk on Nagahori-dori.
FAMILY LOVER! Another nomination for Engrish of the Year award. Yes, that is a painted rock. On sale at Tokyu Hands for 580 yen.