6 thoughts on “hilarity ensues

  1. Hahahahaha, all he needs are ears on the hoodie and he’s a baby monkey!
    Record his laughter! I swear that it changes overnight and you’ll miss hearing it. Great shot.

  2. What sizes is he wearing? And is he sweating to death in that cute outfit? It’s in the 70s here, unseasonably warm — and I’m sweating it out! I’ll have to be like Max, and just laugh more.

  3. He’s wearing everything everybody sent him – there’s only a few outfits too big for him now – and the weather is nice and cool lately. It was even cold a few nights ago, so the hoodie was great.

  4. Right now, we are good. In another couple months he’ll need bigger size shirts and shorts. We can get cheapie tank tops and elastic sweatpants to some extent here.

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