3 thoughts on “rch fr it

  1. AHHH! He’s so flippin cute! Is he talking yet??? Keep posting bc I’m in the middle of finals for the next couple weeks and check the blog for new max pics everyday!

  2. Banzai! Be sure to post more good luck pics for Auntie Merin, okay?
    And please let us know when you think it’s okay to begin sending out Boya’s formula shipments again….we don’t get specific news on whether the airport services are up and running yet.
    Should I send a test mailing first to see what happens? I can send a card.
    We don’t want Max’s milk shipments to get interrupted.

  3. Unfortunately, there’s no way to determine how the shipments will get worked out. Sending a letter isn’t a good indicator of whether a package will get through or not since they are routed differently.
    Let’s see what happens this weekend.

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