Recent Baby Updates

After I returned home from my uni’s “International Camp” last Thursday I was surprised to find the boy hadn’t waited for me to pass some milestones:

  • His first tooth came out (lower left incisor). I found this out when he grabbed my finger and bit down on it. Hard.
  • He now fits into the white baby Nikes (pictured above) cousin Kana gave me in Japan almost ten years ago as a birthday present (Her simple explanation: “You and Nam should make a baby.”). Somebody in Nara please pass this factoid on to Kana.
  • He can now laugh properly but prefers to do this wheezing, gacking chuckle kinda thing that’s both disturbing and hilarious. He can carry on with this sound for several seconds and it somewhat resembles a baby pterodactyl call.
  • He now holds out both hands when he wants me to pull him to his feet and stiffens his neck in anticipation.
  • He has almost grown out of size S Mammypoko diapers (he previously wore size Newborn and will be moving up to size M soon).
  • I saved the most important milestone for last (I wasn’t even aware this was humanly possible): He can fart, belch, and cough at the same time, with the hiccups!

1 thought on “Recent Baby Updates

  1. Dude, you gotta record his laughing fits because this stage disappears much too soon! Please, please record the happy baby pterodactyl’s gacking sounds! We need to hear it before it’s gone, before it becomes a matured happy baby laughing sound.
    Congrats to Max for the first toof and to Nam for the “ouch!” when she nurses him!

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