Last Post for 2009

There is a horrible show/channel we get on true visions satellite TV service here. It’s called Lin Ping Reality/The Panda Channel.
It’s not that I particularly hate pandas, just that I think they’re boring as hell. Why do they deserve their own channel/reality show for xmasman’s sake?
One good thing has come of this, though. I now know what color a panda’s bunghole is:
This is just one handy fact I learned this year – here’s to even greater discoveries in the year to come.

Hustle with a belt and a pencil in C minor

A good read on Mohammed Ali’s opponents, searching in the not so distant past, and how we all grow old and disappear: Shadow Boxing
Note: According to the MeFi article where Google directed me, the hustle referred to seems to be this: Fast and Loose.
(thx dm)