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So the most heinous task of renewing our non-immigrant Type B working visas and work permits fell on this very day and to my great surprise, was quite painless, if not actually pleasant. Since I’ve been here, the immigration officethe foreingers¬†in Maha Sarakham report to has changed from Nong Khai to Mukdahan to Khon Kaen. The Khon Kaen office started out kind of rough, which is to be expected anywhere, I guess, but they have really improved their operation. What used to take us 2 hours in Khon Kaen (or in the worst case, 10 hours at the Mukdahan office) only took us 45 minutes today, and since we arrived at opening time (8:30am), it meant that we had a chance to try renewing our work permits at the SArakham labor office before lunch.

Arriving at 11:45 meant that the staff was more interested in getting on lunch break than processing our renewals, so instead of the typical treatment (“it’s time to eat, please wait”), they examined only my documents (which were in perfect order) and rubber stamped the rest. And ran to the cafeteria. It was quite awesome, really.

Here’s to the greatly improved efficiency of the Khon Kaen immigration office and the Maha Sarakham labor office – I never would have believed that both visa and work permit renewals could be finished in half a day, but it all went smoothly this year.

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  1. Oh the bad, bad memories! Because I goofed up on my travel plans and had to have you take me on that epic visa run across to Cambodia or somewhere and back across to Thailand, I remember all too well what you’re talking about. My apologies again to you, Nam and then-baby Max who was so uncomfortable, he cried almost non-stop during the long, hot car ride. I wanted to pull my hair out, oy!
    Even so, it was an adventure and I thank you.

    1. AFAIK, they don’t use email. I have the chief’s business card somewhere, but it didn’t list one. This comes up via google maps, though:

      Khon Kaen Immigration Office
      Prov. Police School
      Sub District 4
      Mitraparp Rd.
      Khon Kaen 40000
      Tel: 043-237-882
      Mobile: 08-4516-6653 Chief
      Mobile :08-4100-6339 Officer

      An alternative phone number I found is 042 423963 .

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