raw onion

Today, Mina got so hungry in the car that she pulled an onion from a grocery bag, started peeling it, and had every intention of sinking her teeth into it until her mother took it away. I wanted her to try it, but Nam wouldn’t hear of it.

Max’s current thing is suddenly crouching into low kung fu poses and declaring, “LET’S FIGHT,” before assaulting you with low kicks and spinning back fists. Ultraman and Masked Rider are his current inspirations.

1 thought on “raw onion

  1. Please consider this a request for pictures of any and all future acts of onion-eating, should said eating occur.

    Why did Nam take the onion away? Had Mina bitten into it, you’d have found out whether she was a vampire. Now we’ll never know.

    Oh, wait — that’s garlic.

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