Some baby photos

Mina is currently going through the dreaded NO! stage, and Max is off school (a month earlier than Mina) and going to work with mommy or daddy every day. Mina hit me in the face when I said she couldn’t have ice cream, then ran away giggling to mommy when I came after her. Max is perfecting his knee kicks and nailed me in the eggs a couple times this week. The first time it hurt so bad, I bit my lip until it bled. There is something to be said for having babies when you are young and still indestructible. When people ask if we are going to have more children, I want to punch them in the face and run away giggling.

And yet, we are having a great time and value this time spent together more than anything.

4 thoughts on “Some baby photos

  1. It’s good you’re enjoying these fun/not fun times with the 2 babes! Thanks for the pics, too. The bottom one of Mr. Max Artiste and his monkey painting is precious!

  2. In pictures, what’s with Mina holding up her fingers on either side of her face? Where did she get that? Is that a Thai-thing?

  3. We were wondering about that, too. Maybe she picked it up at school. It’s not really a Thai-specific thing, more of a Japanese “gyaru” thing.

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