There aren’t enough to go around…

People who use two or more hang drums in YouTube videos are just being assholes.

Also: People who tell you not to call them drums and instead refer to them as hangs or hanghangs are probably taking themselves a bit too seriously.

ngu singh

There’s a meter-long snake that’s been run over in the street in between our house and the next one. It looks like a fat rat snake, the ones they call “lion snakes” here. Too smashed to be much fun taking pictures, though. There have been a lot of smaller snakes run over around the neighborhood recently. I guess they come out to warm up on the road more now that it’s getting colder.

Zato #10 – Zatoichi’s Revenge

If I had time to watch a Zato, it might be this one. My tube time is currently divided between Baby Signing Time, Your Baby Can Sign, The Wiggles, Mickey Mouse (Motherfrakkin’) Clubhouse, Yo Gabba Gabba, and specially selected Sesame Street Episodes. I’ve found that many children’s shows/series get progressively worse with each season they are continued. Yo Gabba is the best example of this, but not the only one. Sesame Street followed this pattern for decades, until they started doing genius musical episodes again.


The only question is: Which is better, with post-production, or without post-production? (I like the live version.)

With post-production (studio version):

Without post-production (live version):

I’d seen the studio version earlier this year but hadn’t realized how far the creators had progressed until Adam sent me the second link…

Living room fishing

We did this for hours. At least I didn’t have to cut bait all day.


Please note the melodica (a Yamaha Pianica) and ranat (rosewood, I think) in the background. Max’s other instruments are the koto, sitar, djembe, snake drum, theremin, recorder, and flute. He is also getting pretty good on the 16″ stainless frying pan.

sleepytime baby notes

Yesterday I came home for lunch and Mina was having a nap, so I decided to supervise. Pretty soon, we were snoring and drooling together. She gets super hot when she sleeps, just like me.

When I woke up, I smelled her head and thought about how long babies retain that newborn milky smell. My best guess is until six months or so. It may linger a bit longer than that, or it might just be your imagination.