sleepytime baby notes

Yesterday I came home for lunch and Mina was having a nap, so I decided to supervise. Pretty soon, we were snoring and drooling together. She gets super hot when she sleeps, just like me.

When I woke up, I smelled her head and thought about how long babies retain that newborn milky smell. My best guess is until six months or so. It may linger a bit longer than that, or it might just be your imagination.

3 thoughts on “sleepytime baby notes

  1. If she doesn’t smell like a sweet baby any more, dare I ask what she smells like?

    Is she talking coherently yet, at all? Any words?

  2. I remember how drenched with sweat you’d be when sleeping….and holding you while walking around felt like dakko-ing a heavy, sweaty hot water bottle.
    But how cute and precious babies are, right? Especially Mina-chan. It’s hard to put her down when she’s so angelic and sweet. Enjoy these fleeting days of babyhood, dad!

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