Magellanic pengo

There’s an article featuring my sister, Mika (head penguin honcho/aviculturalist), over at the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s SeaNotes blog: Magellanic Magic

The MBA is pretty awesome; we visited again when we took our trip back in May and Max pretty much flipped out over all the fish:

It’s also nice having a brother and a sister working there – we got to eat free sea otter steaks!

1 thought on “Magellanic pengo

  1. MeiMei and Max, awww! I miss both babies a lot.
    Mika’s work with the Magellanics is so cool!….right now some of them are molting and are looking rather bedraggled, naked and forlorn. Did you know that right before they go into molt, they eat a ton of fish and put on so much weight that when they’re laying down, they look like beached mini whales? So blimpy and cute.
    This is the last post I can send from China…..I’ll be in the countryside officially being a casual tourist (must register at police station ) dressing as such wearing no mala beads or jewelry and we’ll be only the 3rd small group of foreigners that this tiny village has ever seen! The temple we’re staying at has a long, long set of stairs to climb every day….the village is so small that it has no post office, no internet, no Starbucks. The only hair dresser works on the street with a chair and hooks up his clipper on bootlegged wires for juice. We leave this morning, so this is a sayonara post and I’ll miss your excellent posts!
    Be safe, kiss those babies for me, thanks for being a great dad and Nam being such a wonderful mom….love to you all! Mom

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