Daddy needs money for a new clutch

Luckily, a rush editing job came in and daddy is going to do an all-nighter. Mommy took the kids to grandma’s house and our house is quiet and lonely. Max’s new fish and newer freshwater crab are playing tag, but more about that later when I have more time. Daddy is doing a job related to the Rockefeller Foundation, and that has absolutely nothing to do with the ROC (“yeah, number one clique here”), yo.

1 thought on “Daddy needs money for a new clutch

  1. yes, I heard that Max has a ghetto aquarium, very practical and very kid-friendly!
    Just don’t give Mina a baby chick, okay? I still have a twinge when I think of how babies just squeeeeeze whatever they grab!
    Free wireless here at Sim’s Cozy Garden Hostel in Chengdu! Lots of backpackers and a good casual menu. The rain is drizzling and mosquitoes are almost nil as here I sit listening to Kealii Reichel with earphones in my favorite long cotton Hawaiian sun dress looking at photos of the babies!

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