First day of the new academic year (Thai/Buddhist Year 2553)

Babies woke up at 3:30AM and are just now going back to sleep, as we head out for work. Not fair.
On the positive tip, we found a new nanny in less than 48 hours being back, and that’s a goddamn huge accomplishment. It also may allow us to get more than a couple hours sleep every day from now on. Yay.

We are home.

We made it back home safely, and I recommend that every parent try a 20-30 hour journey by planes just for kicks.
Our trip was extended by nearly a week when Mina caught roseola or something similar that left her dotted for a while; Korean Air extended our tickets for free and we took the opportunity to visit Mika and Adam up in Monterey/Pacific Grove/Seaside. Details will probably follow in some fashion.
To everybody – family, friends, and even random strangers – who made our trip possible and enjoyable, thank you. It meant a lot to be able to expose the kids to all of you and yours.
Meanwhile, my Crown lies immobile in the driveway, battery dead (even though I disconnected it before we left).
Our Cefiro is apparently finished at the body shop, and we’ll go check it out today. Speaking of which, I’m up at six in the morning because Max stayed up all night planting plastic animals in strategic spots where I will step on them later.
Need sleep.
Will report back soon.