Pulling plugs again

The Kujira Crown has a mysterious problem with its plug contacts corroding at a high rate – enough to affect performance after just two or three weeks. I originally thought it could be fixed by using colder plugs, but that hasn’t helped at all. As it turns out it doesn’t seem to be caused by the engine running hot at all – the Crown’s been parked for a month since I haven’t renewed insurance on it yet. I pulled the plugs once and cleaned them a few weeks ago and only started the car to keep things running a couple times during that period. However, I took it for a spin around the neighborhood after the battery died last week and noticed the low end was really weak and sputtery, so I pulled the first plug. Corroded green again. Back to square one.
I pulled the rest of the plugs today in anticipation of insuring and using the car again next week, and found water on the threads of plugs number three and five. I hope that doesn’t mean something too bad. I’m drying everything out with a fan and under the sun this afternoon. Perhaps it is not too much to ask that this solves the problem.

4 thoughts on “Pulling plugs again

  1. Have you e-mailed your Uncle H who is a wizard at intuiting these sorts of mysteries? Plus he’s got over a hundred years of experience, at least!

  2. I’m trying to prevent head gasket problems and the like with pure wishful thinking… Hoping it was condensation in the wells and not from the inside. In any case, we shall soon find out.

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