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I’m writing this while taking turns recording dialog for textbooks with Kylie, a recent graduate from Indiana State University currently teaching at our Language Center. I’m still pretty wasted from the past couple of days, helping with our faculty’s annual International Fair.
I know I’m really behind posting new photos of the babies, but truth be told, I haven’t really been taking any, either… Sometimes raising babies feels like combat, with violent spurts of intense action and getting in small batches of sleep when you can in between.
Like I said, I was pretty tired and went to sleep earlier than usual next to Max, but he woke up and threw a fit at four in the morning and woke up his sister, too, so Nam and I had to hold one each, One or both of them always need to be carried at times like this, so we both ended up shuffling around like undead in clumsy figure eights, in separate rooms so that when one went to sleep, they wouldn’t be woken by the other again. Max’s tantrum was around an hour long, so we ended up waking up partially and from there it always feels like you have to climb a hill all day long; sometimes a quick nap in the afternoon is a necessity, be it in the parking lot or in the office when nobody’s around for a couple minutes.
On the brighter side of things, Max likes going to school now. Until ten or so days ago, parting at the nursery school gate was a big ordeal; crying baby and guilt-ridden parent. Now, however, his face lights up when he sees the school coming up, and last week he even slammed the gate shut on Nam – it’s nice picking him up now as well, since he smiles after not seeing you all day and doesn’t cry anymore. It’s kind of a highlight of the day, now. It’s easy to forget that we were contemplating pulling him from school altogether and waiting until he was older just a couple weeks ago… Your child’s tears make you act drastically at times.
Mina is almost 2 months old (born Dec. 6) drinking milk at an incredible rate, weighs over 5 kilos (born at 3.5), and has GROWN OUT OF HER ONESIES. She is now wearing the biggest size onesies that Max was wearing at 6-8 months. She punched me square in the eye this morning and it hurt.
OK, it’s my turn on the mic again, gotta go.

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  1. Now I’m worried if all the pretty dress tops we sent will be too small.
    Hang in there, kiddo. It gets better over time as you get “broken in.”
    Glad to hear Max enjoys preschool now!

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