love or hate

Last night we attended a wedding at the Takasila Hotel as a family. It was kind of funny to see how so many elements introduced at our wedding a few years ago (red carpet, flower columns, silk streamers on ceiling, etc.) have been made standard there (this is perhaps the third wedding we’ve been to there since then).
Max was a bad boy all day and refused to take his afternoon nap, so he was predictably wired and overtired by the time we got there. It turns out that the couple getting married loves children and had invited a lot of families with kids, many of whom ran around wildly in the carpeted ballroom.
Max went nuts and immediately kissed a girl sitting at the table next to us. She kinda freaked out but her mom thought it was cute. Then he (very softly) hit another girl who was running around the tables… I of course told him NO and, but there’s really nothing I can say about this behavior; I have no idea where he gets it. I should add that he kissed the cute one and slapped the one whose head was shaped like a tuber…

2 thoughts on “love or hate

  1. He’s just like you were! You only played with the girls because they were nice to you and gave you cookies. In fact, when you were 2, your first girlfriend’s name was Miwa and her mom was the person who first showed me how to make gyoza. You two played so nicely together that we had a play date every Tuesday at their house which was a block from where dad’s office is now. Natsukashi!
    Might I also add that Max’s behavior at the wedding is normal, too. I always dreaded any function where you needed to be on “good behavior” because it did not happen. Now, I admire how your cousins all deal so well with their little ones because it makes me tired just watching them!

  2. Yeah, but dude, how many of the weddings are using Enya for their grand introduction to the ballroom? Points, yo!

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