Our New Thai House Part 5 – The Blessing Way

The end of 2007 coincided with the milestone of 98% or so of the basic house being completed, so we decided to move in on New Years Day. We invited some monks for a blessing ceremony and they did us up well.
It was the first time we were living in a new house. This coupled with the fact that we were one of the very first houses up in the neighborhood and hence kind of solitary made for a strange but very relaxing time coming home after work every day. I mean, in front of the house was our pond and around us was future house plots and rice fields. It was very cool. We bought some golden lions to protect our house, and they have worked out very well.
This isn’t necessarily the end of the Our New Thai House series, but it marks the end of the first chapter.


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1 thought on “Our New Thai House Part 5 – The Blessing Way

  1. It’s very beautiful! I like that little gazebo like thing with the table under…very sleek looking!

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