Rain no come

We did everything in our powers to make the rain come today: Washed both cars, watered the garden and lawn, and even washed the old motorbike. It never came, though. Usually just washing one car this time of year is enough to make it rain on the spot. We stop trying to keep the cars clean during this 2 or 3 month period, because it’s impossible to keep it that way for more than a day, usually.
Oh well, Max had fun all day and is sleeping now.

Pink Magic Window

My dad sent my sister’s favorite old toy in a care package. I wanted to look it up on the net but I couldn’t think of what it might be called or even how to describe it. Luckily, the product name was molded into the clear plastic case in very small raised lettering, “MAGIC WINDOW.” Behold our glow-in-the-dark model Wham-o Magic Window:
Of course I had to take some shots in the dark:
And then I had a moment of inspiration, but had only one window to take long exposures without waking baby or mommy:
I am taking very special care of this new/old toy. I don’t know where or when my sister got it, but it was probably made in 1974 or 1975.
FYI, it’s currently worth about $80 to $100 on eBay.

Himiko’s Punch Perm (aka Pimiko’s Punch Perm – PPP)

As in, they have reconfirmed Himiko’s tomb as the kofun (burial mound) in Sakurai that T and Adam and I walked around on the way past Miwa Jinja on a cold drizzly day a few years back. You see, this is important because the location of the Yamato kingdom has always been disputed by tourist money-deficient Kyushans who just can’t accept the fact that Nara always has been and always will be the one, the only, the Kingdom of Heavenlike Yamato, biiiiotches.
What Kyushu is lacking in ancient bronze mirrors from China (burial mound evidence), however, it makes up for in cultural value.
So let that be a lesson to you – Nara has all the dope ancient shit and Kyushu has much better hairstylists (we know firsthand since we [as in, most of Cosmic Buddha plus friends and family] were in a commercial for one in Saga ten years ago..).
That is all.

Ambulating terror

I mentioned that Max is walking, right?
Up until last week he was still apprehensive about walking without a support of some sort and wouldn’t stand up by himself from a sitting position… A couple days ago he totally disappeared from our view for the first time and the few seconds it took to find him (he went to play with the surge protector in his room) were filled with sheer terror and what-ifs.
He walks over to the kitchen a lot and likes to open cupboards, even though he’s already got his hand caught a few times. He likes to explore the refrigerator. He is naturally attracted to fans, outlets, and all of my electronic stuff. He’s so strong it seems that he broke a large calculator with his bare hands (if he didn’t tear the lcd panel off, I don’t know who did).
It’s time to upgrade the kiddie barriers.