Ambulating terror

I mentioned that Max is walking, right?
Up until last week he was still apprehensive about walking without a support of some sort and wouldn’t stand up by himself from a sitting position… A couple days ago he totally disappeared from our view for the first time and the few seconds it took to find him (he went to play with the surge protector in his room) were filled with sheer terror and what-ifs.
He walks over to the kitchen a lot and likes to open cupboards, even though he’s already got his hand caught a few times. He likes to explore the refrigerator. He is naturally attracted to fans, outlets, and all of my electronic stuff. He’s so strong it seems that he broke a large calculator with his bare hands (if he didn’t tear the lcd panel off, I don’t know who did).
It’s time to upgrade the kiddie barriers.

2 thoughts on “Ambulating terror

  1. Yeah, time to reinforce your doors, window screens, (you fell out once when pushing on the screen) and remember that curious head-heavy babies often get into dire straits when peering into the potty. Do you want a pottty-lock?
    I feel your pain. And I survived the four of you, so stay on the edge of paranoia and you’ll be just fine.

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