Himiko’s Punch Perm (aka Pimiko’s Punch Perm – PPP)

As in, they have reconfirmed Himiko’s tomb as the kofun (burial mound) in Sakurai that T and Adam and I walked around on the way past Miwa Jinja on a cold drizzly day a few years back. You see, this is important because the location of the Yamato kingdom has always been disputed by tourist money-deficient Kyushans who just can’t accept the fact that Nara always has been and always will be the one, the only, the Kingdom of Heavenlike Yamato, biiiiotches.
What Kyushu is lacking in ancient bronze mirrors from China (burial mound evidence), however, it makes up for in cultural value.
So let that be a lesson to you – Nara has all the dope ancient shit and Kyushu has much better hairstylists (we know firsthand since we [as in, most of Cosmic Buddha plus friends and family] were in a commercial for one in Saga ten years ago..).
That is all.

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