Gmail Beta Status

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Gmail – but just how long is it going to be in beta? Google Docs and Calendar I can understand still being in beta, but Gmail? I mean, the shit pretty much up and conquered all the free alternatives and most of the paid ones, too. Although the invitation system is still in place, anyone in the world can freely sign up for an account now, so… Why does Google still label it a beta?
Maybe there’s a secret teledildonics function they want to unveil before going one point oh…

Escaping the Bangkok Hilton

This is not the Hilton of which I speak, this is.
Richard Barrow has scored an exclusive interview with the author of Escape, “the true story of the only Westerner ever to break out of Thailand’s Bangkok Hilton, aka.Klong Prem Prison.” He’s currently posted the first part of the interview; I’m looking forward to the final part.
Note: I won’t buy the book, but I wouldn’t mind downloading it.

No fireworks this year

I’d like to say it was an intentional gesture to teach the students in my public speaking class the Gettysburg Address on the Fourth of July, but the truth is that I completely forgot about it. Dammit. For a sick pyro like me, forgetting about fireworks and barbecue is sacrilege.
In other news, we have decided to build a new house.
Happy Fourth!