Apple Form Factor Graphic

This chart is pretty cool because every model I’ve ever owned is on it (including the Apple //c our dad bought for us), except for my trusty old Powerbook 190. I gave up on Apple after the dot mac betrayal way back when, and haven’t looked back since. I was still in charge of all the mac boxes at work until last year, but Apple has pretty much zero presence here in Thailand.

2 thoughts on “Apple Form Factor Graphic

  1. I was like you- Apple’s from middle school all the way through college. Then I had to use Win95 for work. Only moved back to Apple once OS X came out.
    While I don’t recommend that you buy Apple in Thailand, I will say that you are missing out on the best computing platform out today. Certainly Tiger today is better than Vista and Leopard later this year will be even better.
    What I’m trying to say is that you’re missing out.

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