SDS-WAVE??? (Super Discount Shop rip off)

I ordered a Coolpix for a friend through an online electronics shop a couple days ago after finding the cheapest price on These are the fuckers in question:
This is the camera they sent me:

That’s basically all it can do, is display this initialization screen for about ten seconds before shutting itself down. The shit is obviously broken. Yet, SDS-WAVE will not let me exchange it for a new one, refund my money, or fix it for me. I told them I am leaving next week for another country and they were like, “hey, it sucks to be you, gaijin. Have a good time working that claim through Nikon Customer Support.”
You know what? The joke’s on them. I’ve been on the phone with people at Nikon since yesterday, and guess who’s gaijin-hating ass is gonna get product yanked? Nikon is also making things right regarding the defective product I was sold.
Next thing is to make sure SDS-WAVE’s deplorable business practices are made known to the price sites/boards they are using to dupe people with. Don’t fuck with me, bitches. I’ll go out of my way to pay you back tenfold.
Meanwhile, buyer beware! This is one bad shop, filled with liars, thieves, and men of no honor! Don’t get cheated like I did; go elsewhere!

3 thoughts on “SDS-WAVE??? (Super Discount Shop rip off)

  1. You got a camera in JAPAN? What were you THINKING? (snark)
    Heck, I have to imagine that in Thailand you could get the same cam for
    cheaper than those Caca-poop scumbags. Certainly it’d be cheaper than
    retail. I found that out first time I came to Japan in the 80’s, intending
    to buy a Nikon in Japan, and being glad I’d checked the prices in San Jose
    first. My most recent Canon S1-IS was about 40% more expensive in Japan
    than it was in the U.S. Prices here are bloated, so that even a halfway
    decent price would have to come from sleazebuckets.

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