Moving update: House slowly emptying

The shipper came to pick up my two cubic meters of stuff and friends came by to help relieve us of furniture and 100V electronics (Thailand is 220 – 240VAC). We are wasted. The house is almost empty. My beloved hikari line (FTTH) and wireless card are shut off. I’m surfing in seemingly slow motion from a neighbor’s open wifi access point (and sadly, still getting twenty times the speed I will have in the Thai countryside, although, come to think of it, I’ll trade bandwidth for mangosteens any day of the week). I’ll miss B-Flets, but happily take 3 dollar foot massages in return.

Also, my Towers of Power are gone – one (Blacky) in the shipment today, bound for the port of Bangkok on a pallet, and the other (Whitey) in my newly-purchased hardwalled suitcase (note: My PC naming skills are severely PC-inhibited – my laptop’s name is Jappy). I’m using a laptop as my main for the first time in years, and my soul is screaming for a decent GPU. Oh, fuck this, I refuse to fall as far in geek apathy as writing an ode to refresh rates…
BTW, we are out of Japan on Friday. Goodbye rising sun, hello land of smiles.

2 thoughts on “Moving update: House slowly emptying

  1. You did it! Congratulations for a well-executed departure plan and I smile thinking of you getting those delicious foot massages while slurping down the crown jewels of fruitdom, the mangosteen!

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