Moving update: The home stretch

We are emptying out the house at midnight and listening to Neil Finn.

3 thoughts on “Moving update: The home stretch

  1. I am going to miss going out to Awaji…But going to Maha Sarakham is going to be twice the fun! I also envision a bar called The Cosmic Buddha Bar & Grill…

  2. Well, I’m happy for you and Nam. Get out, get going and get along little doggie!
    Debbido, let’s make arrangements to help Kozmikbuddaboy get going in the lovely land of Mahasarakam! Can you envision a non-alcoholic but spiritually enlightening drink called “Cosmicbuddha?” (no hallucinogenics or endangered critter parts allowed!)
    Jus and Nam, many fortunate blessings to you both!

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