Leaving a country

…you have lived in for a long time, there are certain truths you must face.
This is somewhat unpleasant, like suddenly feeling queasy after just a couple of drinks at a club, after not having imbibed for months and suddenly acting like a lightweight, and just as inevitable as puking into the gutter. A seemingly long period of wishing you hadn’t done what you did, followed by complete release and relief.

3 thoughts on “Leaving a country

  1. No worries , mate. You are definitely going to a better world where you can start a new life that seems a bit scary but you have a warm hearted family and friends there as well as in the U.S. and in Japan, which just mean that your world is getting bigger and bigger, better and better, more and more wonderful.
    One thing, I wanna tell you that, it’s really, really hot in Thailand!

  2. I thought you actually had to leave a place in order to nostalgia.
    Anyway, if I’ve learned anything from reading your blog, Japan is a great place to visit, not such a great place to live. (That and that ‘penis raccoon’ temple, man I tell everyone about that!)

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