Red Tape

Thanks to three different departments at city hall (including one who claims my wife “does not exist”), the tax office, the social security fund office, NTT, international banking problems, and my landlord, my head is about to explode.
Luckily, living vicariously through the exploits of The Claw operator at the end of my street serves as a good release:

The Claw

3 thoughts on “Red Tape

  1. So, if your wife “does not exist”, then who are you moving to Thailand to be with? One of the lady-boys from the “wedding”?

  2. hey – is that guy in the photo using a light saber?!
    If it’s any consolation I’m having a bit of a nigtmare with all my medical insurance and city tax just now. but fortunately the grey area is always there to be taken advantage of!

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