Retirement Lawson

As if it wasn’t already official, convenience store chain Lawson has now sealed the fate for my beloved island as the Isle of Dentures (and Onions): Lawson opens 1st store tailored for elderly
I am so gonna get the first photos of the brown Lawson sign up on the net. w00t.
BTW, Awaji-shi is the new name for the area of the island north of Sumoto, including Tsuna-cho, Higashiura, Hokudan, and Iwaya.
UPDATE: Oh no, I’ve been scooped! So I imagine photos are online at some Japanese news site, as well. Oh well, I’m just gonna have to make up for it by taking really good photos, say of an elderly gang of ojisan squatting in the parking lot eating yakisoba UFOs and loudly lamenting how much they want to get their hair cut… I think I got a good tip as to the store’s location (interesting story: A coworker who took a week off to see the world cup noted that a Lawson near the airport bus terminal in Higashiura was shut down for about ten days for remodeling). Thanks to stu for the tip.

2 thoughts on “Retirement Lawson

  1. I heard about your new old-fart Lawson last week. I’m looking forward to the picts! I wonder if they closed the Lawson behind the station last month (yes, the one right by my house) so they could rebuild a retirement community Lawson…NOW where am I supposed to go for my butaman during the winter? The conbini next to JR sucks when it comes to butaman

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