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Article in question: “YouTube” Web site has Japan’s broadcasters in a tizzy

“Piracy of web contents, both in Japan and abroad, has been increasing recently,” an NHK spokesperson tells Shukan Asahi. “NHK devotes time to confirming these violations one by one, and requests their removal. Even if extra efforts are involved, we believe that it serves as a discreet means of preventing illegal use of program contents.”

Good luck with that, assholes. And stop coming around my house to beg for money to squander on this bullshit… Resistance is futile, biooootches!

“One of Japan’s top promoters of showbiz talent, Johnny’s Jimusho, the office of Johnny Kitagawa, said it is mulling legal action to make sure its performer’s rights are not infringed upon. A spokesman for the agency said it was determined to “root out” YouTube and similarly predatory web sites.”

Watch out, the Kinki Kids are coming to root your ass out! (only after Johnny’s done with them first, though)

“Once, TV would broadcast a segment and that was the end of it,” recalls a program director. “But now things have come to the point that anybody can watch things anytime and anywhere. This is creating a sense of alarm among the people on the production side and can be expected to impact on programming quality. To discourage lowbrow piracy, it might be better for us to try to improve, even slightly, the type of programs we air on a daily basis.”

Okay, that whole blurb is just a pile of shit, but here are my immediate thoughts:

  1. Fuck people on the production side. It’s called work for a reason.
  2. I fail to see how inspiring TV networks to improve is a bad thing.
  3. Isn’t this the same argument made against Sony when the first BETAMAX machines went to market? That one worked out real well for these idiots, too.

[Note: I just headed over to Riding Sun and realized I’ve again unintentionally covered the same article after he has, which has happened a couple times recently. I swear it’s not intentional, GB. Besides, you earn the serious linkage, so I don’t imagine it bothers you too much… But writing the same comparison to the VCR issue of old is just plain spooky.]

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