Ocean Odyssey

I have just watched possibly the best ocean documentary, ever.
That’s pretty much all I can say, because it just completely blew me away.
Well, on second thought, I guess I can quickly describe it as a two-part show (1 hour each) that traces the life and amazing journeys of a sperm whale. I should also add that this show features some of the best computer graphics I have ever seen in the sense that the models are just real enough – they aren’t too real so as to seem spooky ala the Uncanny Valley effect, but they were good enough in places to make me wonder if it was actual camera footage or not (if you do happen to see it, tell me if you think the arctic ROV footage was real, and if it was real, whether it was CG-enhanced or not).
The BBC produced it and you can read a bit about it here (the BBC has stupidly moved or removed the page for this show on their own site). I hope this is eventually shown in the states on the Discovery Channel, because it deserves to be seen by as many people as possible. In short, I highly recommend you try and see it.
Fighters vs. Bombers (Orcas vs. Sperm Whales)

3 thoughts on “Ocean Odyssey

  1. sounds like amazing footage and graphics! I’ll keep an eye out for a Discovery special sometime soon.

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